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Student Research Misconduct Committee Charter

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) Student Research Misconduct Committee considers allegations that higher degree research students have breached the required standards of academic and research integrity set out in the Academic Integrity Policy or the QUT Code for Responsible Conduct of Research, and determines whether the allegations have been substantiated.

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Section 2 - Accountability

(2) Student Research Misconduct Committee is a management committee accountable to the Vice-Chancellor and President.

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Section 3 - Responsibilities

(3) Student Research Misconduct Committee undertakes the following:

  1. hears cases of research student misconduct referred to it under Management of Student Misconduct Policy;
  2. considers whether an allegation of research student misconduct against a student is substantiated;
  3. makes a recommendation to the Vice-President (Administration) and University Registrar on any penalty/ies to be imposed where there is a determination that misconduct has been substantiated.
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Section 4 - Delegations

(4) Student Research Misconduct Committee determines whether or not an allegation of research student misconduct is substantiated. 

(5) Refer to Register of Authorities and Delegations (C144) (QUT staff access only).

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Section 5 - Membership

(6) Membership categories:

  1. A Chairperson, with senior academic standing nominated by the Vice-Chancellor and President. The Chair should be an experienced researcher and have expertise in research training and administration;
  2. One senior academic staff member nominated by the Head of Research Portfolio on each occasion on which the Student Research Misconduct Committee is convened to deal with a matter. The academic staff member should have significant expertise in research in a cognate discipline to the allegations under consideration;
  3. One research higher degree student nominated by the Head of Research Portfolio.

(7) Alternate members may be nominated in the chairperson and student categories with full membership rights. Alternate members may attend a meeting when the ordinary member is unable to attend a meeting.

(8) The quorum for a meeting is three members.

(9) Nominated members of the Committee serve a term of office of up to two years. The length of a nominated member’s term of office is recommended to the nominator by the Chair, on advice from the Secretariat.

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Section 6 - Attendance

(10) The Director, Office of Research Ethics and Integrity, or nominee, may attend meetings of Student Research Misconduct Committee as an attendee, to provide advice on research integrity and responsible research practice matters.

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Section 7 - Meeting Frequency

(11) Student Research Misconduct Committee is convened and meets as necessary when allegations of misconduct arise. 

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Section 8 - Reporting and Communication

(12) Student Research Misconduct Committee prepares a report for the Vice-President (Administration) and University Registrar of each student case considered at a meeting.

(13) Student Research Misconduct Committee may provide feedback to a responsible officer regarding any issues identified in reviewing allegations, from a continuous improvement perspective.

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Section 9 - Procedures

(14) Except in regard to quorum, Student Research Misconduct Committee operates in accordance with the University Committee Governance Policy, Council Procedure 1 - Committee Operations and Management of Student Misconduct Policy.

(15) Due to the nature of its business, Student Research Misconduct Committee has a Committee Operating Procedure to assist with its operation and the processes to be followed at meetings. The procedure is provided to a student when an allegation notice is issued. 

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Section 10 - Secretariat

(16) A nominee of the Vice-President (Administration) and University Registrar is secretary.